Practice Abstracts

  • PA No.1_Q-Methodology  Download
  • PA No.2_Farmer’s motivation for collaboration Download
  • PA No.3_Transaction cost Download
  • PA No.4_Collective approaches in FR and UK Download
  • PA No.5_Successful Flower Strips Download
  • PA No.6_Barriers to Collective Contracts Download
  • PA No.7_Overcoming Barriers to Collective Contracts Download
  • PA No.8_Advantages & challenges in collective AES Download
  • PA No.9_Inconsistent translations Download in EN  / in SL
  • PA No.10_Policy dialogue tools Download
  • PA No.11_Recommendations-for-Results-based-Schemes Download
  • PA No.12_Measuring Success in Results-based Schemes I Download
  • PA No.13_Measuring Success in Results-based Schemes II Download
  • PA No.14_How can Policy support collective approaches Download
  • PA No.15_Agrarian Parks in Spain Download in EN  / in ES
  • PA No.16_Land Stewardship agreements Download in EN  / in ES
  • PA No.17_BurrenProgrammeIreland_EN Download in EN  / in DE
  • PA No.18_Wood Chip Treatment for Soil Improvement  Download in EN 


Check out the recorded presentations of our webinar “Implementing the collective approach – Evidence from Science & Practice” (28/01/2022) Download the list!

Recording of Thematic Session / 22-10-2021: Results-based Schemes (UK & Ireland)  

Contracts2.0 – Webinar / 07-10-2020