CIL Oost Groningen, The Netherlands

The future of farming in CIL Limburg


This CIL in the north of the Netherlands focuses on the region of Oost-Groningen, which has three distinct landscapes. Oldambt is dominated by arable agriculture. The landscape is characterized by wide open spaces. Westerwolde and Veenkoloniën are more mixed use. Historically these landscapes are a habitat for ground breeding/meadow birds.

Contract Type

 Agri-environment and Climate Measures

Contract Features

• Collective Implementation
• Action-based Payments 

Targeted Public Goods

„Dream Contract“

The objective of the dream contract is mainly to improve the existing agreements to create habitats for protected species, to protect and enhance the landscape, maintain and develop functional agro-biodiversity, and to remunerate farmers for maintaining the landscape. An important side objective is also to improve the marketing of the local area for tourism.

There is a whole catalogue of measures available for the region. The concrete measure offered to the respective farmer is subject to the landscape management plan drawn up by the collective.


Carleen Webers

map overview of CILs of Contracts2.0
map overview of CILs of Contracts2.0