Contract Innovation Labs

Contract Innovation Labs (CILs) focus on the development of novel contractual models. CILs are an important instrument within Contracts2.0 to mobilize practitioner expertise and integrate research results into the social innovation process. CILs will be a space of dialogue and action which will stimulate social learning and creativity. The CILs will be established in each of the involved case study countries and will bring together farmers, farmers’ organizations, extension service providers, trainers, agro-ecological agents, environmental NGOs, companies, local development groups, public administrations, etc. Each CIL will address stakeholders’ specific real-life needs, following the principles of ‘living labs’: offering open and inclusive spaces, participation and cooperation, and reflective social learning through a collaborative multi-actor approach. CILs are interested in further development of contracts between private, public and civil society actors to support the provision of public environmental goods.