Reports & Research Notes

Key concepts to investigate agri-environmental contracts Shared conceptual framework

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Dodsworth, J., Dutilly, C., Guédé, S., Prager, K. (2020): Complexities in Collective Approaches: Traditional Management and Agri-Environmental Contracting in the Pyrenees (France) and Northwest England (UK). Research note.

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A framework and methods for analysing agri-environmental contracts – Shared analytical framework 

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Dodsworth, J., Prager, K. (2021): Farmers’ Experiences of RBAPS in Wensleydale: Changing Management Practices and Perceptions of Environmental Public Goods.

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Principles for contract design and process design – a framework for synthesising the empirical research in contracts2.0

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Lenzarini, C. (2020): The preservation of agricultural, plant and animal biodiversity as an element of landscape protection and territorial identity

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Synthesis report on general design principles 

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Nietzschmann, S., Sattler, C. (2022): An institutional analysis of the Burren Programme in Ireland using the interview-based Net-Map method. Research Note.

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Insights into innovative contract design to improve the integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural management 

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Prager, K., LePage, A., Dodsworth, J. (2022): Lessons for upscaling Payments by Results: Knowledge exchange between Irish, English and Flemish stakeholders. Report.

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Institutional analysis of actors invovled in the governance of innovative contracts for agri-environmental and climate schemes 

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Dutilly, C., Dodsworth, J., Dumortier, M., LePage, A., Oakley, N. (2022): Agri-environmental contracting on the Commons. Knowledge exchange between French, English and Flemish stakeholders. Report.

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Effects of linear elements on ecosystem services supply and trade-offs in agricultural landscapes 

D2.3 (preprint)

Megyesi, B., Kelemen, E., Pataki, G. (2022): Delphi study on innovative contracts for agri-environmental payments. Report.

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Effects of entreprenurial attitudes and business models on environmental public goods and services

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 Hassan, I., Kwaku Addo, P., Barsos, D. (2021): Qualitative assessment of Policy Innovation Labs. ESSRG/CEU Applied Policy Project Report.

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Introducing the SWOT Scorecard Technique to analyse diversified agri-environmental collective schemes with a DEX Model 

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11 Contract Innovation Lab factsheets 

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Integrated evaluation report of innovative / interesting contracts 

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Report with a set of dream contracts and their expected application domain 

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Voices from the field: Summary report on European lessons-learned for alternative contract models and their operating context from practitioner perspective 

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Catalogue on methods and tools for Policy Innovation Labs 

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Report on the national policy context 

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Incentives for sustainable farming: is there room for more innovative contracts in the european policy context? – Results from a Delphi Study

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Policy green paper on new policies for novel contracts: policy recommendations on contracts for the delivery of environmental public goods

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Farmers’ preferences for results-based payment schemes attributes 

D5.1 preprint available upon request see also Policy Briefs


German farmers’ willingness to cooperate from public goods games and expert predictions

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Consumer preferences for label-based approaches and integrating ecosystem service provision into the value chain 

D5.3 preprint available upon request see also Policy Briefs


How can experimental economics methods improve the development of agri-environmental schemes?

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Handbook for policymakers outlining the general requirements of an enabling policy framework for an effective and successful practical implementation of th enovel contractual models in Europe.

ePaper (english) / ePaper (deutsch)

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Final report 

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Selected Milestones 

  • Factsheets on best practice examples
    Download M2.1
  • Guidelines for setting up and managing Contract and Policy Innovation Labs
    Download M3.1 and M4.1
  • Dream contract workshop at all Contract Innovation Labs
    Download M3.3
  • Report on five cross-lab exchange workshops to identify lessons-learned for alternative contract models from practitioner perspective
    Download M3.4
  • First round of Policy Innovation Lab workshops
    Download M4.2
  • Second round of Policy Innovation Lab workshops
    Download M4.3.1
  •  Third Round of Policy Innovation Lab workshops – Improved measures for the current policy framework
    Download M4.3.2

  • Report on farmers’ interactions with the environment and collaborative approaches
    Download M5.2
  • Research design and attribute determination to elicit consumer preferences for label-based approaches to stimulate the provision of Ecosystem Services along the value chain
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