Scientific Publications

Research partners produced a number of published scientific papers throughout the project years, dealing with diverse topics surrounding agri-environmental contracts and agri-environment-climate measures in general. 


How to improve the conservation of species-rich grasslands with result-oriented payment schemes?

Kaiser, T., Reutter, M., Matzdorf, B. in Journal for Nature Conservation 52, Article 125752.

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Problem of inconsistent translation of performance indicators category in monitoring CAP measures in EC regulations from English into Slovenian.

Rudolf, J., Udovč, A. in Journal of central european agriculture, 22(2), 471–485.

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Can Economic Experiments Contribute to a More Effective CAP?

Lefebvre, M., Barreiro-Hurlé, J., Blanchflower, C., Colen, L., Kuhfuss, L., Rommel, J., Šumrada, T., Thomas, F. Thoyer, S. in EuroChoices.

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Ecosystem accounting to support the Common Agricultural Policy.

Grondard, N., Hein, L., van Bussel, L. in Ecological Indicators.

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Motivations of farmers to participate in collective agri-environmental schemes: the case of Dutch agricultural collectives. 

Barghusen, R., Sattler, C., Deijl, L., Weebers, C., Matzdorf, B. in Ecosystems and People.

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Introducing the SWOT Scorecard Technique to Analyse Diversified AE Collective Schemes with a DEX Model.

Rudolf, J., Udovč, A. in Sustainability 2022, 14, 785.

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Participatory research in times of COVID-19 and beyond: Adjusting your methodological toolkits.

Sattler et al. in One Earth 5, pp. 62-74.

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Learning about German farmers’ willingness to cooperate from public goods games and expert predictions.

Rommel, J., Schulze, C., Matzdorf, B., Sagebiel, J., Wechner, V. in Q Open, qoac023.

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Farmers’ views on agreements on management of grassland and nature areas.

Andersen, E. in Institut for Geovidenskab og Naturforvaltning, Københavns Universitet. IGN Report.

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Insights into innovative contract design to improve the integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural management.

Bredemeier, B., Herrmann, S., Sattler, C., Prager, K., van Bussel, L., Rex, J. in Ecosystem Services 55, 101430.

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More than spatial coordination – How Dutch agricultural collectives foster social capital for effective governance of agri-environmental measures.

Barghusen, R., Sattler, C., Berner, R., Matzdorf, B. in Journal of Rural Studies 96, 246-258.

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Institutional analysis of actors involved in the governance of innovative contracts for agri-environmental and climate schemes.

Sattler, C., Barghusen, R., Bredemeier, B., Dutilly, C., Prager, K. in Global Environmental Change 80: 102668.

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