All Deliverables

  • Shared conceptual Framework (D 1.1) download.
  • Shared analytical Framework (D 1.2) download.
  • Innovative contract design_Paper (D 2.1) download
  • Institutional analysis of actors and their roles_paper (D 2.2) download
  • Introducing the SWOT Scorecard Technique_Paper (D 2.5) download
  • 11 factsheets of the Contract Innovation Labs (D 3.1) download
  • Integrated evaluation report of innovative contracts (D 3.2) download
  • Report on a set of dream contracts (D 3.3) download
  • Catalogue on methods and tools for Policy Innovation Labs (D 4.1) download
  • Report on the national policy context (D 4.2) download
  • Innovative contracts in an EU Policy context_Paper (D 4.3) download
  • Farmers Willingness to cooperate_Paper (D 5.2) download
Selected Milestones
  • Factsheets on best practice examples (M 2.1) download
  • Improved measures for the current policy framework – Third Round of Policy Innovation Lab workshops (M 4.3.2) download
  • Report on farmers’ interactions with the environment and collaborative approaches (M 5.2) download
  • Research design and attribute determination to elicit consumer preferences for label-based approaches to stimulate the provision of Ecosystem Services along the value chain (M 5.3) download

Scientific Papers
  • Kaiser, T., Reutter, M., Matzdorf, B. (2019) How to improve the conservation of species-rich grasslands with result-oriented payment schemes? Journal for Nature Conservation 52, Article 125752. Full text
  • Rudolf, J., Udovč, A. (2021) Problem of inconsistent translation of performance indicators category in monitoring CAP measures in EC regulations from English into Slovenian. Journal of central european agriculture, 22(2), 471–485. Full text
  • Lefebvre, M., Barreiro-Hurlé, J., Blanchflower, C., Colen, L., Kuhfuss, L., Rommel, J., Šumrada, T., Thomas, F. Thoyer, S.  (2021) Can Economic Experiments Contribute to a More Effective CAP? EuroChoices. Full text
  • Grondard, N., Hein, L., van Bussel, L. (2021) Ecosystem accounting to support the Common Agricultural Policy. Ecological Indicators.Full text
  • Barghusen, R., Sattler, C., Deijl, L., Weebers, C., Matzdorf, B. (2021) Motivations of farmers to participate in collective agri-environmental schemes: the case of Dutch agricultural collectives. Ecosystems and People. Full text
  • Rudolf, J., Udovč, A. (2022) Introducing the SWOT Scorecard
    Technique to Analyse Diversified AE Collective Schemes with a DEX
    Model. Sustainability 2022, 14, 785. Full text
  • Sattler, C. et al. (2022) Participatory research in times of COVID-19 and beyond: Adjusting your methodological toolkits. One Earth 5, pp. 62-74. Full text
  • Rommel, J., Schulze, C., Matzdorf, B., Sagebiel, J., Wechner, V. (2022) Learning about German farmers’ willingness to cooperate from public goods games and expert predictions, Q Open, qoac023. Full text
  • Andersen, E. (2022) Farmers’ views on agreements on management of grassland and nature areas. Institut for Geovidenskab og Naturforvaltning, Københavns Universitet. IGN Report. Full text

Reports & Research Notes
  • Dodsworth, J., Dutilly, C., Guédé, S., Prager, K. (2020): Complexities in Collective Approaches: Traditional Management and Agri-Environmental Contracting in the Pyrenees (France) and Northwest England (UK). Research note. Download in ENFR
  • Dodsworth, J., Prager, K. (2021): Farmers’ Experiences of RBAPS in Wensleydale: Changing Management Practices and Perceptions of Environmental Public Goods. Download in EN
  • Lenzarini, C. (2020): The preservation of agricultural, plant and animal biodiversity as an element of landscape protection and territorial identity Download in EN
  • Nietzschmann, S., Sattler, C. (2022): An institutional analysis of the Burren Programme in Ireland using the interview-based Net-Map method. Research Note. Download in EN
  • Prager, K., LePage, A., Dodsworth, J. (2022): Lessons for upscaling Payments by Results: Knowledge exchange between Irish, English and Flemish stakeholders. Report. Download in EN