Entrepreneurial Attitude Orientation (EAO) is a model to evaluate entrepreneurs’ attitude regarding decision making processes (Robinson et al., 1991). The subscales of the EAO measure individuals’ attitudes across four constructs: achievement in business (referring to the results of starting and growing a business venture); innovation in business (using innovative methods in business activities); perceived personal control of business outcomes (individual’s control and influence on his/her business); and perceived self-esteem in business (self-confidence and perceived competency in business affairs). EAO is assumed to have an influence on the market orientation.


Robinson, P.N., D.V. Stimpson, J.C. Huefner and H.K. Hunt, 1991. An attitude approach to the prediction of entrepreneurship.Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 15 (4) 3-31. DOI: 10.1177/104225879101500405