One particular method for social network analysis (SNA) is the Net-Map tool (cf. Schiffer and Hauck 2010). Net-Map is an interview-based, participatory network mapping method which combines quantitative SNA measurements with qualitative network narratives. The Net-Map tool aims to identify all relevant actors in a concrete governance setting, understand actors’ roles and interlinkages, their motives, influence, and obtained benefits. The network maps co-created during the interviews by the interviewee and interviewer are then used to discuss striking characteristics of the mapped network, such as absent links between actors, very central actors, or similar where underlying reasons are provided through the qualitative information gathered through the interviews.


Schiffer, E. and Hauck, J. (2010). Net-Map: Collecting Social Network Data and Facilitating Network Learning through Participatory Influence Network Mapping. Field Methods 22(3) 231-249. DOI: 10.1177/1525822X10374798