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Promoting biodiversity of crops and species by encouraging local value chain approaches for traditional products in Tuscany..

Biodiversity in Tuscany: Strengthening the custodian farmer’s role

On April 23, 2021, the University of Pisa organized a discussion about the “Strategy for an evolution of Custodian farmers’ role” ...
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Workshop with stakeholders from Occitane region on collective grazing contracts.

Collective grazing contracts in the Pyrénées’ highlands

On April 16, 2021, our Contract Innovation Lab (CIL) and Policy Innovation Lab (PIL) in the French Pyrenees concluded the first ...
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Diagram showing farmers' contributions to public good and expert predictions of farmers' contributions to the public good.

Public goods games to investigate farmer cooperation

In the Netherlands the coordination of agri-environmental schemes (AES) is organized exclusively through 40 collectives across the country. Other EU-member states ...
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